2022 Virtual HCNW & Arrangers Workshop
are both now wonderful memories for those who taught and could attend!
Read what our students had to say!

Well..I think i knew all about breathing while singing after 20 years (especially the concept of letting the “Air Fall In.”) I really do now. Thanks Jill. Great session with concepts seeming seamless.
Fascinating method. I would like to have a repeat to capture the whole essence.
Was great and provided conversation amongst all members of the group and the powerpoint presentation really helped as well to illustrate communication concepts.
Loved the presenter and how it was presented. I could really understand and relate to it and was able to ask questions.
My best takeaway was the concept of practicing with a performance mindset. I think our director is trying to say that, and emphasizes performance tips, but hearing it put that way really helped me get it.
Very good course and was so much fun while learning many fundamentals in music as well.
Fantastic — timely — and so helpful to point my thinking in a positive new direction…. thank you
Quite an eye-opening perspective. Loved the ideas and will definitely be reviewing and incorporating some of them into our plan. Thanks for the 180 degree shift in my thinking.
Mike has given me what I was hoping for – instruction on alternate ways to go about things in Finale that I knew were out there but didn’t know how to find out about them – tips on shortcuts – plug ins! He’s helped to make the complexity of Finale feel less intimidating. Plus, I love that he has generously offered to help us beyond this class.
I’m a new Section Leader and walked away with A LOT Of Tools, WOW. Loved the handout with your example of color-coded visual notations. These were prime tangible examples of the concepts your discussed. I really appreciated direct application of your talking points. thank you !!!
Many of these concepts were new and very interesting. I can hardly wait to bring this new knowledge back to my chorus.
Great session. Great ideas! Have lots of notes to assimilate, and will think of ways to communicate this to the rest of the chorus. Thank You!
Excellent!!!!! Really cleared up lots of things for me. The presentation was also very entertaining 🙂 Thank you!!!
I loved this. I’ve had no formal training at all designed to help me help others sing well. I didn’t know where to start after learning the notes, rhythm, and words. This really helped me with looks like a good foundation to build on. Now at least I have an inkling of what to look for and listen for. Thank you.
A great way to look at stage fright on the causes for it. I look forward to applying this positive concept to my next performance.
OMG! Marrying psychology with singing? Brilliant!
Lots of very useful information. Thank you so much. I will share what I’ve learned today with the chorus in any way I can.
Just joined my first quartet and your advice was SO very helpful, Nancy! Thank you so much.
You can definitely tell how passionate he is about barbershop. I love it!
Great class, very informative. So much to learn.
Lots of good tools. Now I have to put them into practice.