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Our 2023 Faculty & Staff

We want to thank all of our faculty who made HCNW2023 so very special!  Each one of them brought their best game to spend the weekend with us. Many of them have already said that they would love to come back in 2024.

Class handouts are still available on Sched.

Rob Mance 2
Raymond 2023
Iain Haukka
Gabe Caretto
Alena Hemingway
Adrian Leontovich
Paul Ellinger cover pc 082023
Donya Metzger
Donny Rose 2
Cherie Letts
Phil Grant
Rich Brunner
Greg Kronlund
Amy Rose
Drew 2
Lee Holmes
Ken Potter
Katie Roman
Julian Kusnadi
Jay Krumbholz
Jason Dyer
Wes Sorstokke
Marsha Kelly
Melanie McGuire
Sue Middleton 2023
David Dobson
Sandy Cahill
Rob Roman
Robyn Whitmore
Mindy Engelberg
Nancy Jeffery
Duncan Gilman
Dan Wolfe
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