University of Puget Sound  –  1500 N Warner Street  –  Tacoma WA 98416

The main campus is surrounded by N. Union Ave, N. 18th, N. Alder St., and  N. 11th. 
Our main parking is accessible from Alder (~14th)


Students do have a choice whether to stay off campus or to stay as residents on the University of Puget Sound campus in a dorm. Resident students and faculty will be staying in the student dorms again this year. 

Every year, the University assigns which dorms we get to use for the HCNW weekend (we do not get a choice).  If you’d like to see what dorm living is like on the campus, here’s a link to the university’s dorm information: UPS DORMS

Don’t forget the dorm halls
are CO-ED.   Dress appropriately for your trip down the hall!

Residents will want to plan to bring their own bedding.  The dorm bed are extra long twins.  Some students bring sleeping bags, and other bring their own sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and a wash cloth – along with shampoo and soap.  HCNW is in June, so watch the weather and plan accordingly.  An extra blanket or light jacket is always nice. 


The University of Puget Sound campus is located on a gentle hill with sidewalks (and sometimes steps) to get from one building to another. 

Some of our students will be bringing (even renting) a scooter for the weekend to make it easier for them to get around on the campus.

2023 Golf Carts
UPS will be providing golf cart drivers this year to move students around campus over the weekend.  This is something new that we’re trying, so please be patient.

Here’s a map of the campus showing routes with no steps involved which Valorie prepared in 2019. It should give you some ideas.


All campus meals are served in the Wheelock Student Center cafeteria / dining rooms.  The staff provides a wide variety of delicious food items for our students to pick from. 
Residents: If you have registered to live on campus for the weekend, your room keys will get you into the dining room for meals from Friday’s dinner through Sunday’s breakfast.
Commuters:  If you will be commuting daily, you will receive a lanyard with a meal card on it for 3 meals: Friday’s dinner, Saturday’s lunch and dinner.  The lanyards must be returned to the kitchen after you get your dinner Saturday night.
Arranger Workshop: Attendees to the Arrangers Workshop will find individual meal tickets  for Thursday’s dinner, Friday’s breakfast and lunch in with your name badge.



Delivery address for your order will be:
University of Puget Sound
1500 N Warner Street
Tacoma WA 98416


We are a singing bunch!! — so you’ll find groups singing tags or old favorites in the dorms, during meals, in the halls, under a tree — just about any place — and that’s OK!!  It’s a great way to meet new people, and it’s fun! 

Songs you might sing or hear:


All campus meals are served in the Wheelock Student Center cafeteria / dining rooms.  For our faculty and students with special dietary needs, the UPS staff are prepared to fix special meals to fit your needs. 
If you have any meal concerns, please email Judy Galloway. any details and she will communicate your needs with UPS and let you know what is available.


Attending HCNW and the Arrangers’ Workshop can earn you clock hours each summer.

Washington OSPI approved clock hours will be provided through the Washington Music Educators Association. Clock hours are free to WMEA members. Non-members who are interested pay $2.00 per hour claimed. Clock hour materials and instructions will be available in the registration area when educators check-in to HCNW.

In Oregon, educators planning to attend HCNW submit their individual requests for clock hours/credits to their own school districts.

The posted schedules along with the class descriptions should be adequate documentation. If you need something additional, please contact Judy Galloway.