Coaching Opportunities

What an opportunity!  No score sheet, no spotlight. You call the shots! Coach once, coach all available sessions, or coach anything in between: it’s ALL included in your registration to Harmony College! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to attend HCNW as a quartet or chorus and make huge leaps in your skill levels.
We have over 20 coaches ready to serve your needs. Tell us about your quartet and/or chorus and what you see as your challenges, and we’ll find coaches to support you. Our excellent caliber of coaches from far and wide will give you some new perspectives and ideas. Have a favorite coach? We can’t promise, but we’ll do what we can.
Most quartets and choruses coach two or three sessions, and then take some of our excellent courses for the rest of the weekend. This “divide and conquer” method is a great strategy because we have a TON of courses to help your group increase their musical education. We have courses that will help you run your rehearsals, find performances, improve your visual skills, and even figure out the true identity of your group.
Want to get coached the whole weekend? We can help you do that too! Our cadre of fantastic coaches will help you with all facets of your music and performance skills.
We’re ready to help your group craft a truly amazing weekend.
For more information, contact Nancy Kurth.