Would you like to join our faculty for the coming summer?

HCNW has become one of the top educational workshops in our barbershop world for men and women to participate in – offering 100+ classes and coaching opportunities for choruses, directors, quartets, and individual singers.  HCNW offers many general classes for our mixed student population along with classes targeting specific areas including: directing, arranging (including Finale), music teams, coaching, chapter leadership, and more.

The HCNW planners strive to select faculty who are not only top-notch experts in their fields but also personable and willing to interact with our students.

Communication with faculty will most often be by email, but HCNW has an active website full of additional information for faculty and for our students.

It is desired that faculty be available and on campus by 2:45pm Friday afternoon.  HCNW can work around awkward flight schedules.  Faculty meals and lodging (with linens) are provided for the weekend.

if you would like to apply for a faculty position for 2022 or beyond, please click HERE to fill in our online application form.

We all ask you to go to our Faculty Upload page and submit your bio, a photo, and your class list.

If at any time, you have questions about Harmony College Northwest, please email Nancy Kurth at nkurth@msn.com