May 27:   HCNW is only a few weekends away and yes, many people have already taken advantage of the financial help that had been offered for this year. 

The following sources will also be great for 2024 – so plan ahead, start saving, and if you need help next year contact the following sources early in 2024.

EVG Education


For many of us, things are tight as we find our way back to reality and your EVG Education team wants to help! This year we have several individual scholarships and quartet coaching grants available. First come, first serve to those who qualify!

Harmony College Northwest: June 16-18, 2023

  • EIGHT (8) Full Scholarships
  • Reimbursed via check toward registration of choice
  • Deadline: June 1, 2023
  • How to apply: Email

Quartet Coaching: FOUR (4) $250 Quartet Coaching Grants

  • Intention – To be used for the education and forward motion of your quartet journey (preferably for coaching costs, but may also be used to assist in music purchase, PVIs, travel, BHS event quartet registrations, etc)
  • Available biennially (Example: 2023 recipients may apply again in 2025)
  • How to apply: Email

Bud Leabo
Memorial Fund

For Harmony College NW, the Bud Leabo Memorial Fund (BLMF) Trustees will be awarding:

  • four (4) scholarships for new members (<2 yrs)
  • four (4) scholarships for members (>2 yrs)
  • two (2) scholarships for Music Educators

Scholarships will cover your registration.  Deadline for applying is April 15th.

To APPLY, click on this button:

Sing Canada Harmony

Assistance for registration to HCNW is available through Sing Canada Harmony (  The current deadline for application intake is March 1st, the next one is June 1st.  Sing Canada Harmony is not able to provide for travel expenses but full registration fees may qualify.  If you require further information, please contact:
Sean Huston (,
John Simpson (
or Gerry Borden (