Thank you for paying via PayPal or by sending in a check to attend both the HCNW classes and the Arrangers Workshop.

HCNW Classes:  Follow the instructions below
Arranger Workshop Classes:  Janice Wheeler will send her students a special email containing the ZOOM link for the workshop.

Our keynote addresses and our classes will not be recorded.
The SHOW will be available on a YouTube premier channel for a month – for those who have paid for the show as part of their registration or for paying for the show separately.

Instructions for using SCHED

Read through the instructions below,
or CLICK HERE to download a pdf file of the basic instructions.

Here is YOUR Link and Password for SCHED:

The Event Password is:  Harmony

Then press Unlock

This opens up the HCNW 2022 schedule in SCHED with buttons for you to either SIGN UP (if you’re new to SCHED) or to LOG IN (if you’ve registered with SCHED before).

NEW TO SCHED:  You will need to SIGN UP by clicking on one of the two SIGN UP buttons shown in the screen dump above.  We recommend that you just sign up with your email and then provide SCHED with your basic contact information – so that you can receive reminders and email notices (including changes) related to HCNW 2022.

IF you have used SCHED before, click on one of the LOG IN buttons and enter in your email or user name and your personal SCHED password (this is NOT the Event password). SCHED will use your email to send you reminders and notices related to HCNW 2022.

SELECT YOUR CLASSES: Now that you are registered with SCHED, you can pick your classes by scrolling down through the sessions and selecting the classes you want to attend.  SCHED will save your schedule for you.   [You can change your classes right up to the start of each class by returning to:  and selecting another class.]