June 18th, Friday, 7:00-9:00pm PDT
            followed by an Afterglow

June 19th, Saturday, 9:00am-5:00 pm PDT
    SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW starts at 7:00pm
            followed by the Afterglow!

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Times.

How does this Zoom stuff work with all of the class options?

— Plan to get to your Zoom classes a little ahead of time. 

— Click HERE to open up the HCNW Schedule as a pdf file with all of the class titles linked to their Zoom classrooms.  

— We suggest that you download and save this file to your desktop for easy access during HCNW. 

— For each class or activity over the coming two days, you will need to follow (and repeat) these steps to get to each of your Zoom classrooms.

— In between all activities, there are 15-minute breaks built in to give you time to walk around a little, but also to give you time to LEAVE one Zoom classroom and get to your next classroom.


If you find that you need or want to leave a classroom before the end of a class, click on LEAVE and return to the HCNW schedule to find another class during that session to attend.

Text or Call

Glenn Hayes  –  1-206-724-7951
David Foss  –  1-425-999-5936

Judy Galloway – 1-541-490-2481