Harmony College Northwest

Bringing singers together again....

Looking back at 2023

After two years of doing only virtual events, it was great to bring singers back together at HCNW2023. The energy that everyone brought to the weekend was unbelievable! Students were able to pick from over 100 classes and coaching opportunities, along with having personal PVIs available.

The top-notch faculty was amazing and very easy to work with from the very beginning.  Every one of them quickly offered, “Yes, and what can I do to help??”  With that kind of energy coming in from our faculty – we knew we had something magical about to happen… and it did!!

Click on the links below to view some of the memories from the weekend.

HCNW is also working with Paul Ellinger to promote the “Boundless Initiative for Growth” series of Zoom meeting happening throughout the coming months.

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