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HCNW Saturday Night Chorus

If you have signed up for our Saturday Night Chorus (or are considering attending one of their rehearsals) please look over this fun song, that students will be learning to sing on our SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW!

This year, the Bud Leabo Memorial Fund has provided funds for the sheet music and learning tracks for you and others who will be singing in our Saturday Night Mixed Chorus.  The sheet music is arranged for SATB.  Please download a single copy of the sheet music for yourself and use the tracks for the part you will be singing. 

"Who Will Buy"

Where you can laugh and learn with your friends over THREE sessions? Right here with the Roses! Session one (Friday, 3:15pm) will start with sectionals with section leaders. Sessions two and three we will have full group rehearsals with break out duets. Because one of these sessions MAY conflict with a class you really want to take at HCNW, we understand if you need to miss one of our sessions. No worries.

This style of class is perfect for music teams and directors to see new ways of leading rehearsals. Barbershop groups tend to use one person out front all night, but tag-team/rotating leaders can also be wildly effective, and gives our learners a different voice that *might* connect learning in a stronger way than the other leader. Our sessions will use one SATB chart (Who Will Buy, arr. Dave Briner) with accurate and quality learning media. Because we have multiple sessions to craft this song, we can hone this barbershop classic for the show and really make something special! We invite everyone to join in the fun and sing with your friends!

Words and Music by LIONEL BART
Arrangement by DAVE BRINER


Here’s the learning tracks for you to use.

SATB:   The Soprano and Alto sing in the treble clef in the roles of barbershop Tenor and Lead. Reminder that the melody is now in the Alto voice (30% of the sound) and should be heard above Soprano voice (10 % of the sound). The Tenor and Bass sing in the bass clef in the roles of barbershop Baritone (20 % of the sound) and Bass (40% of the sound). Reminder that the barbershop Baritone is roughly the same range as Alto, and is a lighter harmony part than the robust Bass part.

SATB works well for mixed groups, but it is NOT critical to assign women in the treble and men in the bass clefs. Just let singers find the part that fits their vocal range (remembering falsetto male tenor is part of our tradition). Yes, most men will sing Bass… but that’s about it for barbershop.