Magical Moments are life changing!

Magical moments happen at the most unexpected times.  We are in a time, when the smallest gems (even at the grocery store) become the brightest moments in our days!  Often music is somehow related, but right now we need to share any magic moment that comes our way with others.

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Keith Eckhardt was passionate about the joys of singing (both giving and receiving)—and having wonderful magical moments happen when they are least expected.  Some of these magical memories are ones that  he’d collected over the years.  He was honored in 2015 as Evergreen District’s Barbershopper of the Year.   (1941-2021)

Magical Moments #17
My quartet from the Anochords was delivering a singing valentine at a boat rental place on the waterfront. When we completed our performance, two men walked in from the hallway and wanted to know if we could sing for their wives at a restaurant in a nearby hotel. Much to my surprise, one of them was Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet. We surprised their wives as they were eating dinner – a remarkable experience!
Submitted by Bob Mitchel, Anacortes chapterin EVG

Magical Moments #8
On Valentines day one of our quartets took a break at a Starbucks. When they got to the front of the line the barista asked “Oh, are you going to sing to us?” They said they had not planned to but would gladly comply and they sang her a love song. She immediately gifted them their beverages. While they were seated they noticed a woman who kept staring at them and they finally realized that she had played Marion to their School Board quartet in a local play of The Music Man. So, on the spot, they reprised Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You to a very warm response. You just never know what will happen when you deliver a Random Act of Harmony.
A Placerville, CA, quartet on Valentines Day

Mid-Winter 2021 Magical Moment
I recently started playing Love is Blue on my piano after a long hiatus from playing. When I heard this song again I found myself reverting to the times when I played songs for my folks and sister who are now all deceased. Music truly does touch the heart for emotions and the mind to bring back special times.
Tony HOA Lead
Keep the Whole World Singing

Magical Moments #11
High school students hired us to deliver a Singing Valentine to their teacher. As we were driving over, our new tenor, on his way to his first ever delivery, volunteered that he really did not get what this was all about. We said nothing. When four men dressed alike walked into the classroom the teacher was surprised of course and sternly said “What’s going on here?” I explained his students think he is a sweetheart as I handed him his card and long stemmed red rose bouquet. Of course we sang Let Me Call You Sweetheart and he was blushing. Then we sang Irish Blessing and his eyes were tearing. As we were walking away from the classroom our tenor spoke up and said “I get it!”
Keith Eckhardt for the Got Music? Quartet​