Looking Ahead...

2023 Harmony College Northwest will be for singers!!


Students will find a wide selection of classes specifically chosen to meet their needs. New barbershoppers, chorus singers, quartetters, directors, “music geeks”…we have lots of courses for every interest. See the course titles and descriptions to get started!
Once again, HCNW is planning to include a limited number of 20- or 40-minute voice lessons during class sessions. Sign up for these when you sign up for classes.
Our faculty are experts in their areas and are excited to be part of the HCNW team they volunteer their time. Your brain will be stuffed to the brim with information and ideas! After you are registered and paid in full, you will receive details about how to access the handouts, music, and learning tracks for the weekend.


If you are a music educator, attending HCNW and the Arrangers’ Workshop can help you earn clock hours each summer.   Once we’re closer to the 2022 weekend, the posted schedules along with the class descriptions should be adequate document.  If you need something additional, please contact Judy Galloway.


Bring your whole chorus and experience up to four incredible coaching sessions. When your chorus isn’t coaching, your chorus members can choose from our wide array of classes. We suggest the “divide and conquer” method for those times when you don’t have coaching: have your chorus members all take different classes, then compare notes and return to your regular rehearsal schedule with lots of tips and ideas. This is a coaching and class experience that will positively light a fire under your chapter’s singers. 


We will have an array of coaches available for private coaching sessions to help your quartet achieve its goals whether that is better community performances, improved scores at contest, or getting the most from your chart. In addition to great coaches, we plan to have a host of classes that can bring new skills and understandings to your quartet. 


Directors wear many hats so we will have a delectable buffet of courses for you to choose from, too. With many classes targeted at directors, you are bound to find classes to help with everything from learning to delegate, to creating better section leaders, to how to get your chorus to learn music faster, or how to use PVIs to improve the vocal skills of your whole chorus. 


We have many courses specifically designed for musical leaders. Take classes on how to get more out of the music (and your chorus), or take some courses on how to be a coach. Fine-tune your musical ear with some of the vocal production classes and, of course, widen your network of other chapter music leaders to ask questions and tap them for solutions.  


What an opportunity!  No score sheet, no spotlight. You call the shots! Coach once, coach all available sessions, or coach anything in between: it’s ALL included in your registration to Harmony College! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to attend HCNW as a quartet or chorus and make huge leaps in your skill levels.
We have over 20 coaches ready to serve your needs. Tell us about your quartet and/or chorus and what you see as your challenges, and we’ll find coaches to support you. Our excellent caliber of coaches from far and wide will give you some new perspectives and ideas. Have a favorite coach? We can’t promise, but we’ll do what we can.
Most quartets and choruses coach two or three sessions, and then take some of our excellent courses for the rest of the weekend. This “divide and conquer” method is a great strategy because we have a TON of courses to help your group increase their musical education. We have courses that will help you run your rehearsals, find performances, improve your visual skills, and even figure out the true identity of your group.
Want to get coached the whole weekend? We can help you do that too! Our cadre of fantastic coaches will help you with all facets of your music and performance skills.