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HCNW Harmony Platoon

Schedule (tentative plan)

Thursday 1:00pm

– Rehearsal on two songs
ROUND 1:  Quartets are drawn and have 30 minutes to rehearse two songs. and then ONE of those songs is drawn from the hat when you come to perform.

Dinner break followed by ROUND 2

Rehearse other two songs

ROUND 2: Quartets have 30 more minutes to rehearse these two songs and then ONE of these songs is drawn from the hat when you come to perform.

FRIDAY 9:00am

-Warm Up & sing through all four songs followed by

ROUND 3: Quartets have 45 minutes to rehearse ALL 4 songs then one is drawn from the hat when they come to perform.

ROUND 4:  a repeat of Round 3

Chorus rehearsal of 2 performance pieces which the Platoon Chorus will sing during the Saturday Night Show!


EVG's 2023 District Harmony Platoon chorus

2024 Platoon Songs

The top four songs in this list are the ones that will be sung during our HCNW Platoon in June.
The “Bonus Challenge Song” will be saved to be included in the Harmony Platoon held during District this Fall.

Sign up and get your music now!

In addition to registering for the workshop through the HCNW registration.

Platoon singers will need to go to  www.PayPal.com and send $29 to donsalz@rosye.com (use Friends & Family option)

 Make sure to include in your PayPal purchase (or in separate Email) the following information: 

  1. e-mail________________________   
  2. Name_________________________
  3. Singing part(s) _________________
  4. Platoons you are CONSIDERING:  HCNW, AZ,   RMD HC,   RMD,   FWD,   SWD,   EVG 
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