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Make your plans to join the Harmony Platoon at District in Portland, Oregon!!! October 3-4, 2024

HCNW Harmony Platoon 1st Place

What is a “Harmony Platoon?” 
In my book, it’s a crazy activity for those singers who just can’t stop singing, want to learn 4 (or 5) new songs in at least one part, and best yet – enjoy getting together with others (who feel the same) to sing the songs.  Last year, there was a Harmony Platoon held prior to our District Contest in Federal Way.  The pictures on this page show how many singers took part in the event.  It’s not for the faint of heart — but then again there were several “newbies” in attendance.  

So here’s what happens (that I’ve noticed)

Prior to the platoon, 

  • singers need to order and pay ($29) for copies of the 2024 Harmony Platoon songs from Don Salz (see info below).
  • Singers work on each of the songs, learning each one in at least one part.  Some adventurers actually learn the 5 songs in multiple parts which gives them more opportunities to sing during the actual Harmony Platoon “workshop.”
Once the singers, arrive and get settled in at HCNW, then the singing starts:
  • All of the singers come together and sing through the songs, as if they were a chorus… and at this time, they might decide to focus on just 4 of the songs for the platoon.
  • The singers are then divided into quartets (according to their singing part), and they work on two of the songs for 30-minutes.
  • The quartets are then randomly drawn to perform one of their songs in front of the others and some “un-official” judges. 
  • At the end of the first round of quartetting, the top quartet is announced and congratulated.
  • This top quartet gets to stay together for the next round but cannot compete with this winning song again in the next round.
  • Then things get seriously fun for rounds 2, 3 & 4!
  • In each of these rounds, new quartets are formed each time and given 45-minutes to rehearse all four songs.
  • Then these new quartets perform in random order in front of the others and the “un-official’ judges; the song they sing is also randomly drawn from a hat as they come on stage.
  • Each round, only the winning quartet from that round gets to stay together for the next round and that quartet must sing a song they have not previously won with.
  • After the final round, the HCNW Harmony Platoon champion quartet is picked and gets to sing on the Saturday Night Show.
  • Along the way, all the singers will sing the songs together as “the HCNW Harmony Platoon Chorus” which will have a chance to sing on the Saturday Night Show as well!
  • Ultimately, the quartetting is just a lot of fun because you get to sing with like minded individual who know their parts to all the songs; it’s a time of camaraderie, laughs, quartetting, pick-up singing, and chorus singing that reminds us of what barbershop is all about.
First Timers - 2023 District Platoon

If you have any questions, just email Greg Verhappen:


2024 Platoon Songs

The top four songs in this list are the ones that will be sung during our HCNW Platoon in June.

Click on songs to enlarge

Registering for the District Platoon

1)  Sign-up: Click on the button below and fill in the information needed for this platoon (name, email, parts, etc)

2)  Get your copies of the 2024 songs (if you haven’t already) from Don Salz by going to  www.PayPal.com and sending $29 to donsalz@rosye.com (use Friends & Family option). 

[Include in your PayPal purchase (or in separate Email) you name, email, part(s), and which platoons are you planning to attend this year (HCNW, AZ,   RMD HC,   RMD,   FWD,   SWD,   EVG)]

2023 Platoon Champions
2022 Dist Platoon qtt winners
2022 - Platoon champions
2023 HarmonyPlattoon2ndplace
2023 - Platoon runner-ups
2022 Dist Platoon qtt second pl
2022 - Platoon runner-ups

HCNW's Platoon Schedule


1:00    Meet, Greet, & Pick Up quarteting

1:45    Welcome, outline of expectations and philosophy,

1:55    Intro do HCNW Mass Chorus Director

2:00    Review Mass Chorus Songs & Work out a few kinks
          so we’re all on the same ‘songsheet’.

3:00     DRAW FOR ROUND 1 Begins

            You will be given 1-2 random songs to prepare.
            (probably 1 but depends on preparedness)

3:45    ROUND 1 BEGINS:

           Judge or MC will randomly choose one of your songs

4:45    Winners announced
          (winning quartet stays together for Round 2)


7:00     Sing a Tag or two (volunteers?
           –let Judy know when you arrive)

7:15    DRAW FOR ROUND 2 Begins 
          You will be given 2-3 random songs
            to prepare. (probably 2 but depends on preparedness)

8:00    ROUND 2 BEGINS:

          Judge or MC will randomly choose one of your songs

9:00    Winners announced (winning quartet
          stays together for Round 3)

Sing more tags, polecats, etc. & Socialize


FRIDAY, June 14

9:00     Warm up & Sing through Songs–more tweaking

9:45    DRAW FOR ROUND 3 Begins
            Rehearse All FIVE Songs for final ROUND

10:45    ROUND 3 BEGINS:

            You will draw your song from ‘the hat’ when
            you come on stage.

11:45    Winners announced (winning quartet will
            have a chance to perform Saturday.)

11:50    Mass Chorus Rehearsal

12:30    HCNW Platoon Contest Ends
            (lunch & more singing/socializing)

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