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All choruses and quartets coming to HCNW for coaching will be invited to sing on stage during our Saturday Night Show.


Please start your coaching requests as soon as possible,
in order for HCNW to work with you and get your group(s) scheduled
and in our calendar no later than May 10th.  


Would your chorus like to come to HCNW and receive some chorus coaching sessions?  

  • There is no requirement for a minimum number of participants in a chorus coming for coaching, but if a chorus brings 12 or less, they need to have all four parts represented.
  • Chorus Director gets free tuition when the chorus comes for chorus coaching.
  • Choruses are also encouraged to use an Angel Fund, or some other means of financial support, along with the discounts, to make sure that any member who wants to go can actually participate.


Would your quartet like to come to HCNW and receive some chorus coaching sessions?  The steps are the same as for the choruses, but since there are only four in a quartet, it’s definitely quicker to finish the process and know that you’re all set for a great weekend of coaching.

steps to make it happen:

Send an email to info@harmonycollege.net and give us the name of your ensemble, members’ names, and a contact and email who will work with us. For quartets (and even choruses), we like to have a picture of you to post in SCHED for your coaching times.

Figure out how many coaching sessions you would like (we recommend no more than four, so your singers can attend other classes during the weekend).  Also if there’s a particular time that most of your singers can participant, let us know.  

May 10th deadline:  All singers must be registered for HCNW (paid), before we will pick and assign coaches for your coaching sessions. 

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