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Wow!  What a weekend!!!


My novice quartet “Sounds Familiar” had an incredible time at Harmony College! We learned so much from our amazing coaches and had a fantastic time singing in the show! It was our first time singing on a stage as a quartet – what a rush!  Looking forward to next year!…Greg

This last HCNW was definitely fantastic
in so many ways —
 but can it be better next year? 

Your input would be very much appreciated we were starting plans already for 2026?  

Please send us an email (or even several)with your suggestions, warnings, photos (for this page) and anything else you’d like to share.



The weekend classes and activities were terrific.  It was an experience to return to dormitory/cafeteria life after almost 60 years!  The rooms were secure and comfortable and the food was all great.  About 18 members of our Nanaimo Chapter attended HCNW including my quartet Vintage Style

Argonauts after the show (Drew, Mark, Andrew, and Iain with Glenn). Check their FACEBOOK

Rhapsody, Region 13’s 2024 Quartet Champions (Rachel, Julie, Anna, and Connie), also sang on the Saturday Night show and received some coaching during the weekend. Check them out on FACEBOOK.

Here's our 2024 wrap-up newsletter

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The Mixed Chorus singers want to thank Rich Lapp for directing this year.  “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” was definitely the overall feeling in Schneebeck Saturday evening!!

What did you think of the HCNW2024 app?

Would you please send us your opinion of the APP which we built this year for all of us, as a way to find info and communicate with each other? Should we do it again in 2025? 

Harmony Platoon 1st Place
Up To Something - was definitely up to NO GOOD! We loved it!!!
We learned the Edmonton Folk Song!
Joe Hawe - BOTY2023


June 20-22, 2025

We are considering hosting THREE workshops in conjunction with Harmony College NW in 2025.  The workshops will start on Thursday.

  • Arrangers Workshop
  • HCNW Harmony Platoon
  • NEW:   Directors Workshop

June 20-22, 2025
 HCNW’s 45th Anniversary

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