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On to SCHED:pick your classes

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Now that you have registered:
PRETEST: You should have received an email from Sched stating that you have been added to HCNW 2024. 

If you are new to Sched, it will prompt you to set a password.

We suggest that you go to Sched and double check that you can log in. If you cannot, please email support@harmonycollege.net

Once in SCHED, you can look at the faculty bios and even start selecting classes that you’d like to attend.

CHANGING CLASSES LATER: Students can change their classes at any time between now and HCNW by going into SCHED and pick one or more different classes.

SCHED FAQs for Students

Download SCHED FAQs for students (pdf)

Q: What is Sched?

A: Sched is a website designed for conferences and events. It handles class schedules, attendee registration etc. You will need to use it to see what classes are available and you can choose classes so you can easily maintain your own personal schedule.


Q: How do I use Sched on my mobile phone?

A: You can install the Sched app for your mobile phone or just use Sched in the browser on your phone.


Q: How do I sign up for a class or change to another class?

A: Go to the schedule page (see circled selection below):

If you’re on a mobile browser, find the button that says menu and select Schedule.

Scroll through the classes, click on them for more info and select the empty circle on the left side of the class you want. If there is a black circle with a checkmark, that means you have selected that class.

Q: How do I see just my schedule?

A: In the upper right corner of the webpage, find your user picture. It could be your picture or a silhouette of a person. Click on it and there will be a menu. Select My Schedule from the menu. This will bring up a list of only the classes you’ve signed up for. If you’re on a mobile browser, you can also find the button that says menu and select My Schedule.

Q: How do I remove a class from my schedule?

A: From either the My Schedule view or the full schedule view, find the class you no longer want to attend. Click the black circle with a checkmark and it will revert back to an empty circle. You have now successfully removed the class.

Q: How do I see the description of a class?

A: Hover the mouse of a class title and you’ll see it turn into an underlined link. Click on it and you will see the full description of the class. If the class has extra downloads or class materials, those will be here too.

More questions? Email:   support@hamonycollege.net

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